Just My Socks服务变动通知

Just My Socks 是知名VPS服务商 Bandwagon Host 从去年推出至今年一年多的机场,其速度和稳定性有目共睹,深受众多上网人事的喜好。 不过目前因为网络环境抽风严重, Just My Socks 也不得不调整并出通知说明情况。 通知原文如下: 2019-09-24: Due to the National Day the G-F-W is currently very aggressive. To mitigate this, we are testing multiple approaches, and we are disabling certain features on servers 2-5. More specifically, encryption method is always ‘aes-256-gcm’ on servers 2-5 regardless of your selection. Also, servers 3-5 do not support UDP transport. Server #1 has all features enabled, however we are observing an increased level of filtering in this case.